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Curry by the Book

In search of a true spice education from a new Indian cookbook. READ MORE

Body by Jim, Plus Astounding Ecuadorian Railroad Pizza

I’m at T-minus 24 hours to winetasting. Oh, I didn’t tell you: Tomorrow I’ll be drinking glass after glass of priceless Bordeaux atop a mountain in New Hampshire. READ MORE

Top Schmuck

Watch out, Top Chef kvetchers: If you happen to think host Padma Lakshmi’s expanse of exposed skin in a working kitchen is a pinch inappropriate, you might be as anti-Semetic as Mel Gibson. READ MORE

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Stop her before she shops again: the San Francisco Chronicle gets a lock on all the kitchen gadgets you’ll never need. READ MORE


The funniest thing I read this week? “Ted Kaczynski Could Have Been a Food Blogger.” READ MORE

Sundae, Bloody Expensive Sundae

Well, we live in a world that conspicuously consumes a $5,000 burger and a $10,000 martini, so why not a $1,000 ice cream sundae? READ MORE

Trash Talk

Your garbage deserves a nice package. READ MORE

To Everything There Is a Season – Including Mallomars

Mallomars are a seasonal cookie made by Nabisco. The base is a graham cracker-like cookie topped with a pillow of marshmallow, and the whole thing is coated with dark chocolate. The good thing is that the chocolate doesn’t contain those nasty anti-melting READ MORE

Black and White and Red All Over

Stick a fork in the Michelin Man, ‘cause according to New York magazine’s Adam Platt, he’s done. READ MORE

Hack-Flack Smackdown

Self-promoters are getting seriously schooled on Chowhound and Mouthfuls, reports Gothamist. Surprisingly, it’s the users of these foodie forums who are dishing it out, not the moderators. READ MORE