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Porridge to the Max

Get top-notch Korean porridge at Bonjuk, says rameniac, who experienced their juk recently for lunch. READ MORE

A Chicken in Every Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie at Daily Grill is one of the best around. Wonderfully flaky crust, plenty of white meat, some veg and a rich, rich gravy. READ MORE

Getting the Most from Dried Mushrooms

When you soak dried mushrooms in hot water to rehydrate them, never discard the water, which will be a wonderful mushroomy elixir. READ MORE

Minestrone Secrets

Chowhounds share their favorite ways to add extra deliciousness to a pot of minestrone: READ MORE

Olives from the Deli Bar – Good Tip

Lots of markets have nice selections of olives in brine in the deli area. READ MORE

Popped Amaranth Seeds

Amaranth seeds can be popped much like popcorn. READ MORE

Let’s Get Small

Nanotechnologists are bringing new improvements to food—on a molecular level. READ MORE

A Prize Just for Showing Up

The Chicago Tribune reports on the awesome new trend of restaurants’ giving diners free stuff to take home at the end of their meals. READ MORE

Bad News for the Chapati Dude

The good old Beeb reports that an estimated 300,000 street-food vendors in Delhi may have to shut down in the face of a court order. READ MORE

Snickers “Kiss” Ad Canned

On Tuesday the maker of Snickers said it would discontinue its latest ad, responding to complaints by gay-rights organizations that the commercial was homophobic. READ MORE