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Refreshed Troops Wallow in French Fries

This was a day of transition, as one group of overfed, exhausted, cranky chowhound friends headed home and was replaced by fresh, zippy, happy eaters. READ MORE

The Tang of Victory

EastWest magazine covers the Pinkberry phenomenon. READ MORE

From Baked to Burned

Hasbro recalls the Easy-Bake Oven; Ace of Cakes wannabes weep into their My Little Pony cake mixes. READ MORE

The Fallout of No-Knead Bread

The no-knead bread recipe has taken the food world by storm, but it’s taking its toll on the cookware. People are stealing knobs off display-model Dutch ovens to replace those that have been damaged. READ MORE

Food for Beauty

Why do we eat—health, nutrition, taste? In the wake of Michael Pollan’s New York Times essay on diet, the Amateur Gourmet has his own ideas. Forget nutrition or flavor—we eat for beauty. READ MORE

That’s Right, Fisherman’s Wharf

Alioto’s on Fisherman’s Wharf serves classic crème brulee–no trendy flavors, just the richest custard and crackliest sugar crust around. READ MORE

White Castle ready to enchant, nauseate your V-Day sweetie

The St. Paul Pioneer Press diligently reports on White Castle’s newly expanded Valentine’s Day tradition of fancy tablecloth service. READ MORE

Merguez Sausage

Merguez, a spicy, delicious Tunisian sausage traditionally made from lamb and beef, has many fans. READ MORE

For Fans of O’Rourke’s Diner, a Heartfelt Good Morning

Finally, some good news for fans of O’Rourke’s Diner, a hound landmark destroyed by fire in August. READ MORE

Bacon Inspiration

The cookbook Seduced by Bacon is now in its third printing in a little over four months, and author Joanna Pruess chalks it up to the fact that people just adore the pork product. She shares some tips on bacon makin’ here. READ MORE