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Inviting New Bistro in Williamsburg

Williamsburg hounds are taking to the solid bistro fare and welcoming vibe at Juliette. READ MORE

Get in the Cauldron

It’s the place whose logo is a happy little lamb wearing a bow tie. He looks happy, doesn’t he? He might not be so happy when he gets sliced paper thin and served alongside a cauldron of bubbling, cumin-scented broth. READ MORE

Portobello Mushroom Fritti

Dunkin Donut likes the Lafayette branch of Pizza Antica, both for the goat cheese pizza with a cracker-thin crust, and for the portobello mushroom fritti. READ MORE

Citizen Cane

The must-have-but-already-sold-out product this year isn’t the Wii or even Tickle Me Elmo. It’s a sandwich cookie from Trader Joe’s. READ MORE

The Tip of the Iceberg

Scallions may be off the hook: It’s looking more and more like lettuce is the culprit in the Taco Bell E. coli outbreak. What in God’s name are those awful yellowish shreds doing in tacos in the first place? READ MORE

Space Grain

Rice Cookers Go High-Tech. READ MORE

Time Machine Steakhouse and Killer Szechuan

While I’ve always viewed Framingham as a Brazilian wonderland, I’ve also been aware of other nationalities. Obviously there’s wonderful Dakshin, and there also used to be a very good south Indian place right in the Framingham train station. READ MORE

Beyond Uncle Ben’s

A rice primer. READ MORE

Aussie Apocalypse Continues

As we reported last month, Australia is in the grip of an eight-year-long drought that’s threatening the country’s food supply. Looks like that impending food crisis is much closer than we thought. READ MORE

What You Call Sprawl, I Call Heaven

I’ve been infatuated with Framingham, Massachusetts, for years. To Bostonians, this is a boring boonie amid undifferentiated sprawl—an area to drive past quickly on the Massachusetts Turnpike. READ MORE