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On the Chopping Block

CHOW reviews the best wood cutting boards. READ MORE

Wood’s Poor Cousin

CHOW reviews the best plastic cutting boards. READ MORE

Playing with Fire

CHOW tests the best kitchen torches on crème brûlée and beyond. READ MORE

Magnetic Fields

Induction cooktops cook hot, stay cool. READ MORE

French-Fried Nirvana

CHOW reviews two great pieces of deep-frying equipment for the home chef. READ MORE

You’re Supposed to Burn It

Tools for creating aromatic smoke, à la the molecular gastronomists READ MORE

Toss Your Measuring Cups

A scale is a must-have tool for precise, consistent cooking. CHOW reviews the best. READ MORE

Burst in Your Mouth

Gear columnist Louisa Chu experiments with two new lines of chemical additives used for molecular gastronomy dishes. READ MORE

Space Grain

Rice Cookers Go High-Tech. READ MORE

Fresh Out of the Oven

Outfit yourself with these nouveau baking supplies. READ MORE