Hounds are digging the newly opened Palo Alto branch of Counter Burger, an upscale, high-quality burger joint known for its wide variety of burger topping options. The toppings range from the traditional to the eyebrow-raising (dried cranberries, horseradish cheddar, and peanut sauce, anyone?). The beef is excellent and burgers are cooked medium, with lovely deep pink in the middle, says katya, who likes her burger loaded with lettuce, green chiles, tomatoes, dill pickle chips, and sweet onion marmalade. Chipotle orders cheddar, grilled onion, roasted chile, baby greens, and garlic aioli on a honey wheat bun. The bun tends to get gradually soaked with burger juice, but that’s hardly a drawback. doc finds the straight-up burger with nothing but Bermuda red onions decent and solid. And ChewChew likes the beef burger on a toasted bun with nutty melted gruyere, grilled onions, bacon cooked just shy of crispy, and garlicky aioli. Everything tastes fresh and robust. Overall, it’s a great burger, but the fries are greeted with a resounding “meh”–even the sweet potato fries are just okay. Burgers (there are turkey and veggie as well as beef) and soft drinks for two will run you about $25.

Counter Burger [Peninsula]
369 California Avenue, Palo Alto

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