Dripp has arrived in the Inland Empire, bringing with it a novel approach to coffee brewing.

Every cup of joe served at the café is made to order; the beans are individually ground and drip-brewed for each customer. Lighter roasts—Dripp offers a wide selection of Intelligentsia beans—and the accompanying preparation techniques are designed to bring out the flavor of each individual coffee varietal.

But the café is going to have to win over some skeptics. ChinoWayne says his mocha was mild and too subtle for his taste. It was also served tepid.

A5 KOBE had a similar experience: “Overpriced luke warm coffee. Would rather make Illy coffee at home. The concept and store is very nice though.”

Then again, Dripp is planning to serve Dr. Bob’s HandCrafted IceCreams. “That alone might be worth going. … Coffee, I am a bit hesitant at $5 a cup,” A5 KOBE says.

Dripp [Inland Empire] 
13855 City Center Drive, Chino Hills

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