A Belgian-style pommes frites stand recently opened up in the back of Grand Central Market, and mwynn13 reports that it serves “[y]ummy, fresh, crispy twice-cooked fries” with “delicious dipping sauces” that range from aioli to satay.

The new establishment is called Flanders Frites, and it’s on the Hill Street side of Grand Central Market. Flanders is also serving up other Belgian-style street fare, including currywurst and krokets, or Belgian croquettes, which come in meat and vegetarian varieties.

But Flanders is just one of many places to find a good frite in Greater Los Angeles. For authentic Belgian fries, brekkie_fan sends us to Brussels Bistro. “Who knew it would be soooo good?” says brekkie_fan. “It’s not near, but it’s authentic.”

Way out in Claremont, check out The Back Abbey. The potatoes are fried in duck fat, which is always satisfying, says BrewNChow.

And, though there is some dispute, many hounds love the fries at Wurstkuche. They’re “big meaty fries that have a good outer crustiness and are never soggy,” say matikin9. “Wurstkuche’s fries are pretty fucking delicious,” agrees kevin. (Other hounds, however, think the fries here are good but not great.)

How authentic do you want to go? Bradbury notes that “for TRUE Flemish frites … they’d have to be fried in horse fat, which isn’t going to happen around here anytime soon. Actually they’re harder to find these days in [Belgium], too, though I did once get them from a frites cart at the foot of the Molenberg as we waited for the Tour of Flanders to pass through. Absolutely disgustingly good.”

Flanders Frites at Grand Central Market [Downtown]
317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Brussels Bistro [Orange County – Beaches]
222 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach

The Back Abbey [Inland Empire]
128 Oberlin Avenue, Claremont

Wurstkuche [Downtown]
800 E. Third Street, Los Angeles

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