A recent thread on where to find bulk Darjeeling inspired a search through the archives for recommended tea purveyors in the Bay Area.

In October, rworange mentioned that Far Leaves Tea in Berkeley moved to a new location on San Pablo Avenue. “Far Leaves has always been a favorite of mine, serving high quality, affordable teas and special tea-flavored cookies and desserts,” she said. rworange especially recommends the blood orange tea, which has a citrus flavor that is “deep, true and almost like liquor.”

In a thread from earlier this year, Windy weighed the trade-off between money and freshness when it comes to loose-leaf tea: “what you save in $, you lose in taste,” she said. For inexpensive commercial tea, Windy recommended San Francisco Herb Co., and for those who are in the market for higher-end stuff, she suggests Red Blossom Tea Company in Chinatown for its “pricey but beautiful” individual blooming teas.

Far Leaves Tea [East Bay]
2626 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

San Francisco Herb Co. [Mission District]
250 14th Street, San Francisco

Red Blossom Tea Company [Chinatown]
831 Grant Avenue, San Francisco

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