Artist Ron English is taking street art into the breakfast aisle with a series of subversive children’s-cereal boxes meant to be planted (and enjoyed) shoulder to shoulder with their conventional peers. With titles like Sugar Frosted Fat (featuring an obese Tony the Tiger) and Sugar Diabetic Bear, the mock cereals aren’t subtle, but they’re beautifully illustrated. They also certainly get points for being direct. And if you find one in a grocery store and mail it to the artist, he’ll sign it and send it back to you.

The art is spot-on, but the text may be even better: It’s a pitch-perfect parody of the short, declarative pitches that adorn cereal boxes. “EXCELLENT Source of Saturated Fat!,” reads Cap’N Corn Starch. “Dissolves Unwanted Tooth Enamel,” says the box of Sugar Diabetic Bear. “The delicious counterbalance to a nutritious breakfast,” reads Froot Looped.

Best of all may be the cover of Sugar Smack (What Kids Crave), which features a fat, laconic frog grimly shooting sugar directly into its vein. Overall, the effect of English’s twisted cereals is magically seditious.

Via: The Daily What

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