New restaurant Zapp Zapp Noodle House serves Issan-style Thai food–instead of the “stoplight curries” (i.e., red, yellow, and green) typical of southern Thai cooking, they specialize in stuff like noodles, salads, and deep-fried beef jerky. Beef jerky is juicy inside, with intense sweet and spicy flavors. Chicken wings, pleasantly sweet and moist and smothered with fried basil, come highly recommended by chewonthis. Pad kee mao is full of crisp, sweet, perfectly done vegetables, including an abundance of tomatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, carrots, basil, and zucchini. Salads are intensely flavored, yet refreshing. And for dessert, have a perfectly fried banana served over ice cream, topped with a bit of honey.

Zapp Zapp Noodle House [East Bay]
843 San Pablo Ave., Albany

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