There are a few tricks to making enchiladas with nicely rolled tortillas that neither turn goopy nor crack and fall apart once baked. First, always use corn tortillas, the fresher the better. Flour tortillas become a gluey mess, and taste wrong. To make them easy to roll, the classic tequenique is to lightly fry them in hot oil, then dip in sauce. Fry them until they’re starting to crisp around the edges but are still pliable enough to drape over a fork, says Dommy, then give them a quick dunk in sauce, roll them around your filling, and place in a pan with more sauce and cheese; then heat the pan. As an alternative to frying, farmersdaughter brushes a hot griddle with oil, heats the tortillas on it until they’re warm and soft, dips in sauce, fills, and rolls.

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Enchiladas–does it matter what kind of tortilla you use?

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