No matter where you stand on the Occupy Wall Street protests, it’s hard not to be intrigued by this OccuPie from Liberatos Pizza, which is located downtown on Cedar Street. The $15 pie—identifiable by the “no smoking sign”–like ring of pepperoni—has been ordered by protest supporters worldwide.

Owner Telly Liberatos and his staff are delivering hundreds of pies to the rally site daily, according to Gawker. Still, Liberatos told a Bloomberg reporter that he’s not being political. “I don’t take sides,” he said. “It was a very slow summer. I’m trying to run my business.”

We were curious about where else protestors and their supporters might snag good eats in the area, either to feed themselves or the masses. In this thread on Wall Street dining, fm1963 suggests the luxe SHO Shaun Hergatt. (Might the restaurant’s $85 prix fixe, which includes the Nova Scotia lobster, be available for delivery? A phone call to the restaurant clarified things: My question was met with a giggle and a “No, ma’am. Sorry, we do not.”)

La Maison du Chocolat and Sam’s Falafel cart, representing the other end of the price range, also merited mention on this thread. (Surely vegans and vegetarians are pining for sustenance that is cheese- and pepperoni-free—and falafel and hot chocolate could do the trick.)

If you’re walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to get to the protests, you might make a quick stop at the Nixtamalito stand to pick up a slew of cheap tacos and tamales—or if you’re feeling spendy, maybe even a few enchiladas.

In a report titled “Finding Food Is Easy for Anti-Wall Street Protesters,” FOX News quoted a 24-year-old activist saying that the Occupy Wall Streeters were all set when it comes to food. But as with anything political, that could definitely change on a dime.

Any other good eats near Wall Street, especially cheap ones? Do tell.

Liberatos Pizza [Wall Street]
17 Cedar Street, Manhattan

SHO Shaun Hergatt [Wall Street]
40 Broad Street, Manhattan

La Maison du Chocolat [Financial District]
63 Wall Street, Manhattan

Sam’s Falafel [Wall Street]
Broadway & Cedar Street, Manhattan
No phone available

Nixtamalito [City Hall]
1 Centre Street, Manhattan

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