Pixy Stix don’t naturally jump out as something to make at home, but it turns out they really are just flavored sugar in a straw. So we decided to make over the old-school candy for Halloween, taking inspiration from the ingredients pastry chefs are using around the country. The result is CHOW’s Trixy Stix in five delicious flavors: chile-tamarind, black sesame, yuzu, beet-rose, and urban-foraged spruce tips. To make these you’ll need a really clean coffee or spice grinder, a tiny funnel, and paper straws. Check out this snazzy Trixy Stix jingle!

Trixie Sticks
  • Chile-Tamarind Trixy Stix Recipe
  • Black Sesame Trixy Stix Recipe
  • Yuzu Trixy Stix Recipe
  • Spruce Tip Trixy Stix Recipe
  • Beet-Rose Trixy Stix Recipe
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