Humbucker loves funky food. “I could eat marmite/vegemite by the spoonful,” says Humbucker. “Natto is too bland for me. For kimchi, the older the better. I love fermented tofu cooked with water spinach. Truffles and truffle oil are great, too. A lot of umami-rich foods are funky (anchovies, fish sauce, Parm, etc.).”

“Anything aged/fermented is automatically of interest to me. For some reason, I tend to be drawn to, rather than repulsed by, foods that smell of vomit or flatulence,” admits Humbucker.

“I just finished a small carton of natto (fermented soybeans, Japanese style) eaten with small sheets of grilled seaweed (yakinori),” says Tripeler. “Reminded me of a good soft cheese, but way funkier. Also, the Chinese fermented tofu often sold in bottles. Salty, yes, but WAY funky.”

“Few things elicit the old ‘fight or flight’ reflex like stinky tofu,” says Kagemusha. “You either scramble to get some or run like hell, nose pinched.”

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