Hounds are singing the praises of Best Little Restaurant in Chinatown. Several posters list the squab as a favorite menu item, and Ricardo Malocchio thinks it’s “one of the best dishes in all of Boston, and ridiculously cheap for such succulent bird.”

ipsofatso has lots of favorites on the menu, including garlic pea stems, fried clams (which are really a take on clams with black bean sauce), and “more homestyle dishes like the three-delight chow fun, curried rice noodles, and three delights with XO sauce.”

Meanwhile, there’s less agreement about the Empress Salted Chicken. barleywino describes it as “cold hacked brined chicken,” but bakerboyz‘s dining companion gave it rave reviews, proclaiming it the best chicken dish in Chinatown. Other posters are less excited. kobuta explains that “If you’ve ever had soy sauce chicken, it reminds me a lot of that except you don’t get the dark brown coloring nor the soy taste.”

Best Little Restaurant [Chinatown]
13A Hudson Street, Boston

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