“This just sounds wrong,” says howlin. “I was at the vendor’s picking up some beer, as I headed towards the cold room I passed a bottle of smoked salmon vodka. Now don’t get me wrong, I love smoked salmon (have some curing for smoking in the fridge as I type) but vodka? I just can’t get my head around what use this would have. The vendor I talked to said she sold two bottles and the results were none too favorable.”

“That is a beverage destined for the stomachs of this year’s fraternity pledges across the country,” agrees alitria.

“Hey!” says Passadumkeg. “Oyster shooters? Why not smoked salmon vodka?? At least I’d get some Omega 3’s while drankin’. Buffalo wing pizza w/ Ranch dressing sauce?”

“As a lover of a good bloody Caesar, I think it might be tasty mixed with tomato juice and hot sauce,” says CanadaGirl. “If vodka and Clamato is fantastic, why not salmon vodka and tomato?”

“I’m with you — in a sauce or a drink, it could be really good,” says sunshine842. “Straight up, not so much. Grand Marnier brought out a vanilla cordial last year — it *sounded* good, but on its own it was cloying…but IN the dessert that was brought out, it was heavenly. Same category.”

Discuss: smoked salmon vodka!?????what the???

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