Remember fruit leather? The Fruit Roll-Ups brand popularized the sticky, flat sheets of puréed fruit in the early ’80s, marketing them as fun, healthy snacks for kids. Now, the popular commercial brands are sugary, artificially colored and flavored, and often don’t even contain the fruits they’re supposed to be flavored with.

The good news is you can make your own fruit leather, and you don’t need a food dehydrator to do it. Our recipes are simple: Just purée fruit with a little sweetener like honey or sugar, pour the mixture onto a nonstick baking mat, and bake. Here are our favorite flavors to get you started, but feel free to customize these recipes with a pinch of your favorite spice, or mix a couple of the purées together to create your own fruit combo.

Strawberry Fruit LeatherStrawberry Fruit Leather

Honey Apricot Fruit LeatherHoney and Apricot Fruit Leather

Apple Raspberry FruitApple and Raspberry Fruit Leather

Cinnamon Pear LeatherCinnamon and Pear Fruit Leather

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