Sweet Sashimi

It doesn’t look promising. The place is empty, the selection is limited, and the display cooler is so old that the glass is opaque–but don’t let that scare you off: you can get truly superior fish here. Bleuss mostly sells to restaurants, and selection varies. Stop in early and ask the guy in charge what he just got in. Sashimi-grade fish and organic meat are high quality and cheap, to the tune of $20 for four lobster claws and a pound of sashimi-grade halibut, says evangross. Daniel Duane became believer after being handed an absolutely gorgeous slab of sashimi-grade ahi, cut to order, for $8 a pound. “I’m rooting for this guy,” he says.

Bleuss Meat & Sashimi Market [Mission]
formerly Cicero Meats
235 Cortland Ave., San Francisco

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