Sweet Potato Bistro, a new Taiwanese spot in Newton, came to Chowhound attention due to its interesting online menu, posted by lipoff. Though Sweet Potato’s Lunch Specials menu contains meh items like cashew chicken and General Gau, the menu of “Taiwanese Tapas” boasts such intriguing things as five-spiced anchovies, taro cakes, and steamed Taiwanese buns with pork and pickle. Since the place opened Monday, not many have had a chance to eat their way through the menu, but early reports are promising.

“I was driving by last night and saw it was open. I already had some dinner waiting at home, but thought an order of ‘Beef Tendon in Spicy Sauce’ couldn’t hurt on a hot night,” says silver queen merrily. “Spicy beef tendon is one of my favorites at Taiwan Cafe. This version had much bigger and thicker slices, but the texture was good- more tender than it looked and the flavor was excellent- salty and spicy with some fresh cilantro on top. It was promising!”

Prav ordered an impressively cheap ($9!) bag of food, including a steamed pork bun (too doughy and bland for Prav’s taste), taro cake (“dry and crispy, good taro flavor”), and minced pork over rice (“This is the classic Taiwanese braised pork over rice, ubiquitous among snack shops and food stalls—total comfort food”).

More input is requested.

Sweet Potato Bistro [MetroWest]
870 Walnut Street, Newton

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Sweet Potato Bistro – New Taiwanese in Newton, opening on Monday

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