Orange marmalade is a great condiment with cheeses and deli meats. Pour it over baked brie and top with salted nuts, or serve it with goat cheese. Use it in smoked turkey or hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

It’s terrific for glazing meats, especially pork and poultry. Mixed it up with an equivalent amount of dijon mustard to glaze a ham. Glaze pork tenderloin or shoulder with a mixture of orange marmalade, fish sauce, and sriracha chili paste. It’s great with Grand Marnier as a glaze for duck.

For a sophisticated tart, spread orange marmalade in a pre-baked tart shell and press in fresh fig halves and walnuts. Sprinkle a little brown sugar on top, and bake for a short while, until sugar melts and figs have softened (mnosyne). Or use it to glaze an apple tart: warm the marmalade until it spreads easily, brush or pour over the apple tart, and broil until the marmalade is bubbly and starting to char a little (cheryl h).

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