You are Basquiat. You are Warhol. Your mindless little doodles are worth bucks. CHOW and GOOD, the four-letter all-caps online media powerhouses, are requesting that you upload your very best doodle of your very favorite meal.

Put pen to napkin, or pencil to matchbook, or lipstick to mirror. Create a doodle of your favorite meal. Where were you? Who were you with? And, crucially, what did you eat? Then take a photo; after all, this is the digital age and your art must not be relegated to yellowing, flaking media. Digitize it, dude. Then upload it.

A panel of esteemed doodle judges will pass judgment. What will you (if you are lucky enough to be the winner) win? This fine smoker that will produce delicious smoked meats and other stuff, a GOOD T-shirt, and a subscription to GOOD magazine, which is all well and good.

Again, we repeat: Upload your doodle. Submissions are accepted until July 24.

Illustration by Jackson Puff

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