Why do many authentic Mexican taquerias serve tacos with two tortillas each? “It’s to help with saucy fillings,” says eight_inch_pestle. “It also makes a great tortilla-to-filling ratio. And I have seen some people eat the taco using just the inner tortilla, then use the second to scoop up any goodness that fell out of the taco, essentially making a small second taco.”

“I believe, though have never posed the question and can’t be absolutely sure, that that is the thinking, that one tortilla will usually tear and split from the liquid and heft of the fillings,” says Phurstluv. “I know I have done this at home, and one corn tortilla just won’t hold the fillings.”

“I think of it like double-bagging at the supermarket,” says Tripeler. “Makes me feel more comfortable and secure.”

“I think it’s a texture benefit,” says RealMenJulienne. “Two thin corn tortillas stacked together have a better texture than one thicker corn tortilla, like the flaky layers in a croissant.”

“Let’s remember this is people’s food, not rich food, not imperial food. Most poor people have more corn than they do filling,” says thew.

Discuss: Why do authentic Mexican places serve 2 corn tortillas for each individual taco and not one?

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