Bjartmarr, a visitor up from Los Angeles, praises the Laotian cuisine at Vientian Café in Oakland.

Calling the restaurant “a real gem,” Bjartmarr particularly liked the nam kao (a pork and rice pilaf) and sai ooa (baked Laotian sausage); the crispy, bratwurst-sized sausages were perfectly moist, which differs from previous reports our reviewer consulted.

In a thread on favorite dishes at Lao restaurants in the Bay Area, yummyrice liked Vientian Café’s cooked pork blood cubes (in a chicken soup called khao piak sen), soop nor mai (shredded bamboo with herbs, a.k.a. kang nor mai), and Lao duck salad, in addition to the dishes Bjartmarr recommended.

Vientian Café [East Bay]
3801 Allendale Avenue, Oakland

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