For lovers of Japanese food, autumn means matsutake, the prized (and pricey) pine mushroom. Takesushi, whose simmered dishes and skewered bites have gotten hounds’ attention, is offering matsutake in five preparations in a kaiseki (traditional Japanese multicourse) meal, quite reasonably priced at $35, E Eto reports.

After a modest sashimi plate highlighted by tai (snapper), the matsutake arrived in a dobinmushi (soup brewed in a teapot), in chawan mushi (savory steamed custard), then grilled, in seasoned rice, and finally in a suimono (clear soup). A simple fruit dessert concludes the meal. It’s all “really enjoyable,” E Eto says, and a great bargain, too.

This fall feast isn’t on the regular menu but appears only on an insert in the Japanese menu, so you might have to ask for it. Ask soon; the matsutake season is short.

Takesushi [Midtown East]
1026 Second Avenue (between E. 54th and 55th streets), Manhattan

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