Summertime in Boston is chockablock with ethnic festivals that are held at churches and offer interesting eating opportunities. You’ve got your Greek and Portuguese parties, Serbian, Dominican, Armenian, and Southeast Asian, as well as Brazilian Festa Juninas, wonderlands of Brazilian food that’s hard to find at restaurants. itaunas explains that there are many corn-based dishes, such as canjica, like a rice pudding made with grits; pamonha, like a Brazilian tamale; and mingau de milho verde, Brazilian creamed corn pudding with cinnamon.

Eaters will also find acarajé, black-eyed pea fritters, often traveling in the company of vatapá, a savory, thick dish made of bread, dried shrimp, ground peanuts, coconut milk, and palm oil. On the sweets menu, look for squares of fudgelike cocadas made with coconut and condensed milk, and pé de moleque, like a crunchy/chewy peanut brittle.

itaunas offers specific recommendations about which local festivals to attend—some are better for food than others. All feature music, dancing, and, often, a country wedding played for laughs.

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