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A surefire way to a man’s heart is through his stomach which is why these extra special food and beverage packages are guaranteed to impress. So, in lieu of tossing around the ol’ pigskin or offering to mow the lawn, send Dad a gourmet Father’s Day gift he’ll never forget, and bask in the love. We focused mostly on one-off options, but if you want to bask in prolonged favorite child status, you’ll find links to recurring food and drink subscription gifts for dad too.

Steak Lovers Share, $159 from Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow

There won’t be any beef with pop if he receives the gift of high-quality steaks. Each delivery includes a rotating selection of assorted cuts—some are even grain-finished and 30-day dry-aged. Splurge on a Wagyu upgrade (we’re talking real deal, exceptionally marbled Japanese A5 quality) for that extra wow factor.Buy Now

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Grill Master Crate, $99.99 from ManCrates

Man Crates

Make sure Dad kicks off grill season with a bang. While the wood chips, spice blend, and sauces packed into this jam-packed crate will be gone by the end of summer, he’ll get years of use out of the smoker box, meat thermometers, and badass brass knuckle tenderizer.Buy Now

Small-Batch Quarterly Hot Sauce Subscription, $120 from Food52


If Pops was able to tolerate your childhood shenanigans, handling hot sauce should be no sweat. Rest assured these are top tier bottles (three different ones are shipped quarterly for a total of twelve a month) so you won’t be subjecting him to any novelty liquid fire that tastes solely of pain and regret.Buy Now

Wild Salmon Box, $131.88 from Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company

With June comes Father’s Day…and also prime salmon season. Don’t let Dad settle for the color-added farmed fish he can always get at the local grocery store. This seafood box contains a dozen (or 24, if you so choose) wild caught, sustainably-harvested salmon fillets. The vacuum-sealed 6 oz portions are perfect for a variety of preparations including grilling, smoking, and curing.Buy Now

Best of Mouth Club, $54+ from Mouth


For the dad who lives for snacks, hook him up with the best of the best. From truffle popcorn to craft cocktail mixers, and of, course, indulgent chocolates, he won’t be disappointed with this ever-changing bevvy of goodies delivered every month.Buy Now

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Perfect Pair of the Month Club, $75+ from Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese

Unless your old man has the palate of Steve Urkel, a gift that goes full-fromage may be a tad too cheesy. This club offers a selection of tasty accouterments so dad can assemble a fully-loaded cheese plate for a cozy movie night with mom at home or a sunny outdoor picnic.Buy Now

Maker’s Choice Postal Provisions Club, $36 from Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions

Travel is tough nowadays but there won’t be an issue booking dad a first class ticket to Meatopia with this amazing assortment of charcuterie. Though European-inspired, the salami, sausages, and pâté included in each Maker’s Choice delivery are sourced and cured right here in the U S of A (Portland, OR to be exact). Subscriptions run monthly or bi-weekly.Buy Now

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Coffee Sampler, $24+ from Bean Box

Bean Box

Whether he’s a fan of light roasts, dark roasts, or doesn’t care as long as his cup of joe provides a pick-me-up, a coffee-loving father will definitely appreciate a regular shipment of world-class coffee beans. Both whole and ground options are available.Buy Now

Craft Beer Subscription, $43 from Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club

Here’s the perfect gift to toast the big guy. Whether he’s already tapped into the glorious world of craft beer or his horizons need expanding beyond boring old macro swill, Dad’s bound to enjoy this curated 12-pack of suds delivered to his doorstep once a month.Buy Now

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