T[o]day :is: N@at!ional .Punctuation; Day!!! :-D

In fact, it’s the sixth annual opportunity to celebrate commas, ellipses, colons, and parentheses. “There’s an epidemic of poor punctuation in the United States, much like the Swine flu. It’s too bad there’s no vaccine to prevent it,” says NPD founder Jeff Rubin.

And, much like the swine flu, it’s an occasion to bake. ;-)

So Rubin wants you to take a cookie, cake, pastry, doughnut, or bread and bastardize its natural shape in the service of your favorite punctuation mark. While I myself share the horror of “misplaced” quotation marks and plural’s misrepresented as possessive’s, I don’t mind celebrating new uses of punctuation, such as the emoticon. Would a cookie baked into the shape of a smiley be disqualified?

Someone’s got to try it: Recipes, samples, and photos of the baked goods must be submitted by September 30. Details are available on the NPD website.

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