Cleo is a fantastic place—excellent food, and even better cocktails. The bartenders are all wonderful, says Tom P, particularly Tiffany, who has invented an incredible drink called The Vinebury. “Understand, I love martinis (gin, of course) and Manhattans and never drink what I’d called frou-frou drinks… and for me a ‘frou frou’ drink is pretty much anything other than martinis and Manhattans, particularly silly vodka drinks,” says Tom P. “Well, she gave me a taste the other night of this Vinebury, which is vodka with elderflower, basil, cucumber, lemon, AND serrano pepper… wow. This is a drink to drive to Cleo for. If you go, you must try it. The pepper gives it a terrific kick but it is not too overwhelming. This drink should become famous.”

Their food is great too: delicious mezes, especially the dips with fresh-baked bread, lamb shanks, and lamb meatballs topped with an egg. Tom P’s favorite thing, though, is the Brussels sprouts, which are individual sprout leaves roasted with spices and almonds. “Every time I’ve gone, we’ve ended up with 2 or 3 orders, we tear through them so quickly,” says Tom P.

Cleo [Hollywood]
1717 Vine Street, Los Angeles

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