We thought we’d lost the old beloved classic of thick Chinese knife-shaved noodles, Heavy Noodling. But now it’s back, under the name JTYH Restaurant. It specializes in Shan’xi-style noodles, especially dao xiao mian noodles. “This is a serious business at JTYH,” says TonyC. “The knife-shaved noodles just plain kick Kam Hong’s arse; they come in longer strands and have an odd semblance of uniformity, despite the total squiggly squiggles.”

Lamb noodle soup with knife-shaved noodles is transcendent, says Peripatetic. The lamb is incredibly tender, the noodles unrubbery. The broth is infused with the warm, comforting spirit of lamb, says odub.

Non-noodles dishes are also excellent, benefiting from JTYH’s hot wok and simple, bright flavors, says TonyC. “Braised pork intestines” turns out to be fried chitlins, seasoned Sichuan-style. And pan-fried jin du flat cake looks like a double-stacked quesadilla but turns out to be chewy, crunchy, and ultracool.

They’ve got “Chao-style iced noodles,” much like Korean naeng myun, with kimchee and abundant bits of tender beef brisket. JTYH is probably the only place in the San Gabriel Valley to get this Chinese version of these noodles.

The tomato and egg drop soup is also very good, says J.L. It has fresh tomato flavor and generous dollops of egg.

JTYH Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
9425 Valley Boulevard, Rosemead

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