“We had pea shoots for dinner tonight,” says AdinaA. “Have also had sunflower shoots recently. I like both very much, I swirl them in a very small amount of olive oil, then put the lid on and steam. You can only get them during this brief season at the farmer’s market. But they make a really nice spring side dish.” goodhealthgourmet likes sunflower shoots “as a raw salad tossed with your favorite vinaigrette or creamy dressing.”

You can also grow your own. DuchessNukem professes to lack gardening skill, but grows her own sprouts all the time. “It’s only a 5-7 day commitment, on a small scale in small sprouters/mini-trays,” she says. “Daily time required is less than a minute twice a day for rinsing/draining, then 10 minutes worth of trimming at ‘harvest time.'”

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