There’s some serious Compton taco fusion going on at Loreto’s Fried Turkey. It’s kind of a dump on the outside, but it’s totally cozy inside, and the food’s good. “If you have to ask what to order at Loreto’s Fried Turkey, you probably should not be leaving your house without adult supervision,” says Dybno.

Most of the menu involves fried turkey. Dybno is sort of a taco purist but was still won over by Loreto’s berserk fusion: turkey tacos. In this place, turkey tacos with soul. “Adding ‘soul’ apparently means filled with gravy,” says Dybno. “Utterly legit. The taco was $1.50 or $1.00 without ‘soul’.”

The fried turkey sub is also good, with moist, flavorful meat and plenty of mayo.

The place is run by the owner, his mom, and his dad. They also do whole fried turkeys to order, with a day or so of notice.

Loreto’s Fried Turkey [South LA]
938 W. Compton Boulevard, Compton

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