The joys of Lemonade are the joys of the cafeteria. “From the pristine open food hall look, to the welcoming staff eager to sample you on everything from turkey pot roast with dried cranberries to watermelon rosemary lemonade this is one of the happiest happening dining experiences in recent memory,” says cvc. You put together your meal from pieces: Salads are about $4, chunks of buttermilk fried chicken or ahi are $5, etc. It’s a great bargain for a nice small meal, says Dommy, though if you go nuts and keep adding a scoop of this and a scoop of that, it can add up.

There’s excellent traditional pot roast, says cvc, as well as roasted Brussels sprouts, a favorite, says schrutefarms. wienermobile totally digs the red-miso short rib sandwich and the $1 red velvet cupcake.

The mac ’n’ cheese is excellent and über-creamy, says Dommy; the flavors of the cheese really come through. But the biggest reason to go to Lemonade, according to Dommy, is the stews. So few places around here serve good, original stews. Beef stroganoff, with a unique tomato base, is well-cooked, flavorful, and velvety, says Dommy.

Lemonade [Westside–Beaches]
1661 Abbot Kinney, Venice

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