The Home Cooking board on Chowhound has a delightfully active and enthusiastic group of home cooks who participate in the Cookbook of the Month threads. They vote on a cookbook each month and diligently cook through it, reporting back on their successes and failures. It’s impressive to look back at all the books they’ve cooked from.

As we’ve written about before, the COTM is open to anyone who wants to join (and lurkers, too—though it’s better if you post!). And now might be a particularly delicious time to jump in, as the hounds have chosen to cook from Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty this month. Back in August 2009, Ottolenghi’s eponymous cookbook was dissected by the group, resulting in tables heaving with healthy grain salads, delicate almond and orange florentines, and multiple preparations for eggplant.

We were smitten with Plenty ourselves when it arrived in the test kitchen, though we hit some rough patches while testing the recipes. Yet the Globe and Mail just called it “one of the greatest vegetarian cookbooks of all time.” So we’re looking forward to seeing how this far-spread team of cooks feels about the lovely sounding dishes.

Follow along (and join in) right here!

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