A new entry in New York’s fleet of mobile eateries is Schnitzel & Things, which fries up Austrian-inspired meat and fish cutlets to order. Hounds who’ve caught up with this truck on its rounds around Brooklyn and Manhattan report thin, crisp, deftly fried chicken and cod (the other schnitzel option is pork). Beyond schnitzel, billhill has sampled a first-rate bratwurst sandwich with ’kraut.

bergengirl says her excellent chicken schnitzel got a lift from lemon juice and Sriracha mayonnaise, a not-so-Austrian addition heartily endorsed by the guys in the truck. This $9 platter was a generous meal that could almost have fed two, she adds. missmodular endorses the cod schnitzel and a delicious potato salad with scallions. bigjeff didn’t do so well with other side dishes; he complains of greasy, underflavored ’kraut and vegetable salads. His take-home lesson: “if it’s a schnitzel truck, just stick with the schnitzel.”

Schnitzel & Things [Citywide]

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