Mateo Granados used to be the executive chef at Dry Creek Kitchen and the sous chef at Masa; now he’s running a catering business, with annexes at some farmers’ markets. Melanie Wong was dazzled by Yucatan-style heuvos rancheros ($7) at his stand at the Sebastopol Sunday farmers’ market. It’s a cutting edge, intensely farmers’ market version. The bottom layer has broken-up pieces of stone-ground corn tostada. Next comes black beans, roasted tomato and habernero salsa, then two farm-fresh eggs fried to order and some fresh farmers’ market greens. This mass is topped with more crispy tostada bits, more salsa, more greens, and a sprinkling of fresh Bodega goat cheese. The thing is fresh, generous, and satisfying in flavor and texture, especially the dewy-fresh cheese. “Who would have thought I’d learn to crave wild arugula on my huevos?”

Art Culinaire article about Granados.

Sebastopol Sunday Farmers’ Market [Sonoma County]
McKinley St. at Petaluma Ave., in Downtown Plaza, Sebastopol

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Huevos Rancheros a Mateo Granados (Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa)

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