“I bought two very fresh squid that were good size, about a foot long,” says greygarious. “I learned how to clean them half a lifetime ago, and am not generally squeamish. I picked up the first one, noticing that it was heavy—good, I thought, as I pulled out the head. I grabbed the end of the quill and tugged—along with it came a 2″ fish, then another…and another… All told, 8 of them, the smallest being only an inch long. They were all in good shape—Signore Calamari must just have finished his banquet when he met his maker.”

“Does this happen often?” asks greygarious. “I used to make squid about once a week but it’s been decades—they started selling them cleaned, and they didn’t seem as fresh. Also, I like the tentacles and sometimes the cleaned ones are sans tentacles. I have never before seen a squid who took his last supper along to the great aquarium in the sky.”

“I find ‘extras’ fairly often when using our local squid from Monterey CA,” says chefj. “Not 8 at a time though. The squid are usually feeding when they are caught so it makes sense that their last meal would still be intact.”

“Never had the pleasure of fish in squid, but I did have shrimp in sardines,” says porker. “About 2 years ago, I grilled whole sardines and found two of them having engorged stomachs. Lo and behold, they were full of tiny shrimp about 1/4 inch long. They were very tasty, but alas, I haven’t found any like this since.”

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