Justin's Nut Butter

Justin's Nut Butter

I Paid: 79 to 99 cents per 1.15-ounce envelope (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 5 stars

Marketing: 4 stars

Although Justin’s Nut Butter comes in larger containers, the appeal of the 1.15-ounce-sized envelope is obvious: It’s cute, it’s portable, and it’s novel. Small enough to fit in a purse or wallet should you want to be always prepared with a nut-based sandwich spread, each envelope contains peanut butter or a high-end take on peanut butter: A honey–peanut butter blend, maple-almond butter, chocolate-hazelnut butter, and chocolate peanut butter are among the offerings.

The charm stops when you open up the packets and squeeze the nut butter out onto your sandwich: Particularly with the chocolate-themed varieties, the experience may best be described as “biologically inspired.” “Cleanup in aisle 2!” you may well think as a dark chunk slides goopily from the envelope onto your bread.

Then the charm starts again. The stuff is quite delicious across the board, from the pleasantly balanced and not oversweet honey–peanut butter to the chocolate-hazelnut spread that plays like a more restrained, more nut-forward Nutella. None of the spreads are too sweet, too smoky, too salty, or too nutty—they’re all harmonious and tasty. That it takes two packets to make a properly substantial sandwich, and that you’re paying up to $2 for the privilege (the hazelnut and almond butters cost me 99 cents a pop, the peanut butters 79 cents), could be a problem, but that’s between you and your pocketbook. From a quality perspective, Justin’s Nut Butter lives up to its gorgeous, minimalist packaging.

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