Nine-time champion pizza tosser. Certified pizzaiolo. Master instructor (at his International School of Pizza) in the way of sauce and crust. And now Tony Gemignani is actually making pizza that we can eat.

At Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, there are four ovens producing four kinds of pizza, says Foodnut8: Napoletano comes from the 900-degree wood-fired oven; classic Italian is made in a domed brick oven; Teglia/Sicilian style is baked in another kind of Italian brick oven; and classic American is done in a New York–style flat-top brick oven.

Pizza margherita, Napoletana style, lords it over the rest of the menu. Its description reads like a syllabus: dough mixed by hand using San Felice flour and proofed in Neapolitan wood boxes; San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella fior de latte (made from fresh cow’s milk), etc. What does all this mean? Well, the crust isn’t the extra-thin crunchy type, but rather fluffy, says Foodnut8. According to Tony, this is authentic: It’s designed to be foldable. The mozzarella, the other major player, is very good indeed.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana [North Beach]
1570 Stockton Street, San Francisco

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