Sean D recently found a mysterious candy bar at an ordinary 7-Eleven. It was a king-size Hershey’s milk chocolate bar filled with creamy peanut butter, and Sean D loved it. “I’m not even the biggest Reese’s fan,” he says, but “I found the mixture of the Hershey’s milk chocolate and the very smooth, lightly salty peanut butter to be extremely well balanced. For me, its a much more refined version of the classic Reese’s combination.” Mysteriously, though, none of the other candy-selling stores in the area seem to stock this masterpiece of chocolate–peanut butter proportioning and presentation—and there’s no mention of it on the official Hershey’s website.

chicken kabob thinks the best use of proportion and shape in chocolate–peanut butter candy is the Reese’s Big Cup, a giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. “Something about the thickness adds to the intensity/indulgence factor,” says chicken kabob. alkapal thinks Reese’s Egg has the best chocolate—peanut butter ratio. This, says shoelace, is because alkapal obviously hasn’t tasted the Valentine’s Day Reese’s Heart.

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