Serendipity must have been at work when MC Slim JB dejectedly turned away from a closed El Buen Gusto to find the welcoming sight of La Frontera Restaurant. It turned out to be “a terrific little Salvadoran place with a great sopa de mariscos and a very nice pollo estilo campero,” says MC.

The menu is funny and huge, he says, glancing across Salvadoran cuisine with breakfast items and wonderful pupusas, including the hard-to-find zucchini and fish (tilapia) varieties, served with hot sauce and the tinglingly vinegary cabbage slaw known as curtido. There are also Salvadoran hot dishes, Mexican tortas and burritos, and a bunch of American items (burgers, pizza, subs). What, no banh mi?

La Frontera Restaurant [East Boston]
290 Bennington Street, Boston

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