has set up a CHOW Tour of sorts for writer Terrence Henry. The lucky guy gets to imagine his ideal North American food odyssey, solicit advice, and eat.

He’s dispensed with the rest of the world already, saying in his intro, “[My wife and I] spent the first half of 2009 abroad, devouring steaks in Argentina, drinking Txakoli at tapas bars in Basque Country, and visiting the grill of a star butcher in Italy.”

And so he turns his gaze to his own continent. He’s in Montreal at the moment, gorging on bagels and poutine. But he admits that he needs help—it’s “an eating trip on a budget,” he says, and he wants “innovative and artisanal.” Which perhaps is why he has Ad Hoc on the list, and not the French Laundry?

I want to tell him that all his work has been done already, and the answers are all on Chowhound. Search the boards, dude. But maybe I should give him a break—he deserves the thrill of discovery.

You can check out his map and leave suggestions there. Show him a little Chowhounding sense. Tell him where to eat.

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