Pound cake was traditionally made from equal weights of flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. Modern recipes vary the ingredient proportions and include all kinds of flavor additions. Pound cake is great served on its own, or as a component of a dessert course. “Can’t beat the richness of pound cake,” says middydd.

For the basic cake, cassoulady is a fan of Jacques Pépin’s favorite pound cake. Variations start with extra ingredients, like the cream cheese pound cake with strawberry coulis beloved by pinkprimp. “The cake is so sublime,” she raves. “So rich, so eggy, with the perfect ‘chewy’ crust forming on top. The first time I had tried this recipe, I fell so deeply in love that I had to make two more in one week.” This recipe freezes beautifully, adds HillJ. middydd’s favorite for summer is Georgia peach pound cake.

Hounds love toasted or grilled pound cake, accompanied with fruit or fruit sauces, ice cream, or just some jam. Try CHOW’s Toasted Pound Cake with Coffee Sauce or Grilled Lime Pound Cake with Raspberry-Kirsch Sorbet (pictured above).

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