An Austrian bakery called Klaschka Tortenwerkstatt is in the news for, as AOLNews succinctly puts it: “baking a cake festooned with swastikas and a baby raising its right hand in a ‘Heil Hitler’ salute.”

Unfortunately for owner Manfred Klaschka (whose excuse was, “If it’s requested, it’s made”) the penalty for glorifying Nazis in Austria is possible jail time.

All that said, Klaschka’s issues run beyond colossally bad judgment and extend well into the realm of aesthetics and craftsmanship. If this hideously colored, shoddy-looking motorcycle cake, this dull, cruddy-looking flower cake, this cheerfully racist cannibals-boiling-a-white-guy cake, this racially questionable and utterly inscrutable cake, and this chesty piano player cake (one of a horrifying series) are representative of the bakery’s aesthetic, Cake Wrecks should be contacted immediately. And then Duff Goldman should be dispatched (by parachute if necessary) to kick some serious ass.

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