In a Brooklyn neighborhood full of Middle Eastern chow, Al Safa stands out. Its roasted chicken is superb, the equal of the fine version at Al Safa’s predecessor, the departed Mazza Plaza, Wet Towel promises. Other winners are foul mudammas (fava beans), chicken shawarma, spinach mini-pies, and kibbeh (meat-and-cracked-wheat bites).

For dessert, Wet Towel recommends Nablus Sweets a few blocks away, especially for its Palestinian cheese pastry, kenafa (Nablus Sweets spells it k’nafee on its menu): “it was outstanding. Really stellar. Get that with an espresso.”

Al Safa [Bay Ridge]
8002 Fifth Avenue (at 80th Street), Brooklyn

Nablus Sweets [Bay Ridge]
6812 Fifth Avenue (between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue), Brooklyn

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