The opening of a new Market Basket in Chelsea is causing a tsunami of excitement on the boards and in real life: Chowhounds report that the fire department was stationed at the store over the weekend to control the crowds.

The store has the same attractive prices as others in the chain, but the place is huge: There are 32 checkout registers, great big wide aisles, a sushi bar, and a café with coffee drinks where you can sit to eat the prepared foods for sale in the store.

Early reports say the sushi bar is above average: “They make a veggie caterpillar roll which I’m now addicted to,” says food4dogs, who adds that the bakery and produce sections are big, and stocked.

The store is pretty mobbed after 10 a.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends, says Karl S, so go early. And buy a box of fudge grahams for us while you’re there.

Market Basket [Chelsea]
170 Everett Avenue, Chelsea

Board Link: Just opened -Chelsea Market Basket

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