A West Oakland pizza joint that opened last fall is the home of the best barbecue rib sandwich ever, swears rworange. Sweet and tangy, with light background heat, the rib sandwich at Popo’s Pizza comes on a hearty artisan roll sprinkled with finely chopped garlic. There are little bits of onion and plenty of flavorful chopped pork ribs, with just a little fat here and there.

The Sunday special of slow-cooked rotisserie chicken offers plenty of food for two, rworange adds. Again, garlic plays a major part, this time in a garlic-herb rub. This isn’t the crispy-skin type of chicken, but it sure is tasty. The shiitake mushroom rice stuffing has plenty of dried mushrooms for deeper flavor.

Barbecue ribs come with the salad of the week and are $8.25 small and $13.95 large. The sandwich of the day is $4.95, but somehow rworange’s barbecue rib sandwich cost $2.50. Rotisserie chicken is $6.95 half and $10.95 whole; the rotisserie chicken dinner is $13.95.

No reports on the pizza, which, like the muffins and cookies, are made daily from scratch with fresh ingredients, according to information from the husband-and-wife owners.

Popo’s Pizza [East Bay]
1671 Eighth Street, Oakland

Board Link: West Oakland: Popo’s Pizza - Thin crust pizza, chicken stuffed with shitake mushroom rice, chocolate ganache cookies and the BEST bbq rib sandwich ever ($2.50)

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