When you’re in an unfamiliar part of the world, your taxi driver may be a prime source of chowish information. “I have been relying on taxi drivers mainly for tips on where to dine with some mixed results,” says rworange, who’s traveling in Costa Rica. But inviting her driver to actually eat with her resulted in even better information. “I order the ceviche as everyone I talked to on the bus says this is the thing to order in Costa Rica. He orders the seafood soup … It looks fabulous. It comes with banana ceviche and he orders some sort of drink I think is called Cas. I ask him to show me where the soup is on the menu. He says it is not on the menu. You just have to know.”

“Yes, that’s what we did in Panama,” says free sample addict aka Tracy L. “Not only do they know the great places they may be better at negotiating prices.”

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