Lots of reports are in about Teranga, a newish Senegalese joint. A hound favorite is the mafe, a lamb stew with starchy vegetables in peanut sauce. Aromatherapy says it’s “all about the sauce,” which has some smokiness and isn’t overwhelmingly peanutty. galangatron says it’s creamy and “wonderful over jasmine rice.”

Also of note are the interesting desserts. There are millet beignets with crème anglaise and a citrus sauce, which Aromatherapy says are expertly fried and not too sweet. BarmyFotheringayPhipps says the couscous pudding with tropical fruits is “probably my favorite dessert I have ever had at a restaurant in Boston.” There’s also an elusive sorrel crème brûlée that seems to sell out fast.

Teranga [South End]
1746 Washington Street, Boston

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