Korean Garden is doing the best version of hoe naengmyeon (marinated skate wing with elastic noodles) in the Boston area, says another_adam. To make the dish well, another_adam says the noodles have to be cooked and chilled quickly or they get mushy and stick together. “The dish relies on a balance of textures and flavors (spicy chewy cartilage of the skate, sweet pear, crunchy radish and cucumbers, elastic noodles, side accompaniment of refreshing icy beef broth), and I’ve found some places in Boston omit one component or other, esp. the pear.”

Overall, Korean Garden got all the toppings in and the combination right, though the noodles were a bit overdone and stuck together. “The portion was also extremely generous!”

Korean Garden [Allston]
122 Harvard Avenue, Allston

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