Though Elbows Mac n’ Cheese is obviously family-run right now, it’s clearly tailor-made for franchising. elmomonster says, “[I]t’s slick, sleek, and has its identity and mission statement hyper-realized down to the clever fork and macaroni logo that makes the ‘E’ in Elbows.”

But Elbows also gets the finer details of macaroni and cheese. The mac dishes come out in ceramic skillets, with a crispy dusting of breadcrumbs on top of each. Selections range from the classic—cheeseburger and lobster flavors—to the creative: fajita mac, spinach and artichoke mac, masala mac.

“Though the skillet was just for show, the pasta tubes came hot and billowing, every forkful we lifted out saw stringy, melted webs of cheese trailing behind,” says elmomonster. “The macaroni’s texture is toothsome and the sauce is not left for want of the tangy presence of four distinct species of cheese.”

They also serve “chipstix” as an appetizer—”the bastard kid of a curly fry and a potato chip. It’s mesmerizing as a Mobius strip and made from one whole potato spun through some sort of spiral cutting tool,” says elmomonster. The resulting helix of potato is threaded across a wooden dowel and deep-fried.

Elbows Mac n’ Cheese [605-710 Corridor]

11405 South Street, 

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